European Framework for Future Internet

Networking & Coordination Cluster

Mr Jim Clarke WIT-TSSG (BIC project) is the cluster leader of the Effectsplus networking and coordination Cluster.

This clustering activity is aimed at CSA’s, CA’s, NoE’s, SA’s and external trust and security initiatives.

Participating projects to date : BiC, Effectsplus, ACTOR,GINI-SA, SysSec, NeSSoS,OSMOSIS,SeServ.

The main aim of this cluster is as follows

▪ Identify synergies

▪ Scoping activities together

▪ Calendar coordination/alignments

▪ Converge on what is meant by ‘roadmapping’

▪ Outreach to other initiatives/units when appropriate.

The main topics of information gathered by this cluster to date include the following

  • Project  (Name, main contact point)
  • Core objectives
  • Roadmapping activities
  • Events ( first 12 months)
  • Deliverables (first 12 months)
  • Foreseen linkages

To get active in this cluster , you can contact the Effectsplus coordinator directly ( .

Or Subscribe to this cluster email list via the following link :

Cluster LinkedIn Group:

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