European Framework for Future Internet

2nd Cluster Event: Programme

EFFECTSPLUS – Technical Workshops

Cloud & Services Cluster 

Technical Workshop on Software Assurance & Trust

Location: VU University Amsterdam

Chairman: Fabio Martinelli

Systems & Networks Cluster 

Technical Workshop on Models

Location: VU University Amsterdam

Chairman: Roland Rieke

4  July 2011 

14:45 – 17:00 Part 1: Presentations (20-25 minutes per presentation)


Aniketos: Supporting trustworthy and secure composition in service and cloud environments (Per Håkon Meland, David Llewellyn-Jones, Erkuden Rios Velasco)


Assert4SOA: Advanced Security Service Certificate for SOA (Ernesto Damiani)


Posecco: Leveraging Security Models to Automate Audits and Improve their Level of Assurance (Serena Ponta)


MASSIF: Management of Security information and events in Service Infrastructures (Pedro Soria-Rodriguez)


NESSos: (Fabio Martinelli)


UTrust-IT: Usable Trust in the Internet of Things,  (Peter Wolkerstorfer)


4  July 2011 

14:45 – 17:00 Part 1: Presentations (15 minutes per presentation)


Effects + Massif: Objectives of the Effects + Systems & Networks Cluster workshop on Models (Roland Rieke)

Massif: Analytical attack modeling and security evaluation in Massif (Igor Kontenko)

Viking: Enterprise architecture  models for Security Analysis (Teodar Sommestad)

Viking: Virtual City Simulator (ViCiSi) (Mats B-O Larsson)


Demons: BlockMon: A framework for Distributed Network Monitoring and Real-time Data Intensive Analysis (Sathya Rao)


CoMiFin: CoMiFin Semantic Rooms (Giorgia Lodi)


ASSERT4SOA: Ontologies in ASSERT4SOA (Domenico Presenza)


NESSoS: Managing security and changes throughout the whole System Engineering Process (Federica Paci)


PoSecCo: PoSecCo models (Antonio Lioy)


WSAN4CIP TAMPRESS: Assessment models to improve the usability of security in Wireless Sensor Networks (Peter Steffen)


VIS-SENSE: Multi-Dimensional Clustering forthe Purposes of Root-Cause Anal-ysis (James Davey)


ENDORSE: Introducing the ENDORSE PrivacyRules De nition Language (Mark McLaughlin)


CoMoFin: Collaborative Security for Protec-tion of Financial Critical Infrastruc-tures: The Semantic Room abstrac-tion model (Roberto Baldoni)

5  July 2011 

9:35-10:40  Part 2 Discussion:

  • Possible collaborations
  • Next Objectives/Actions


11:00 – 12:30 Part 3:

Wrap up of cluster workshops and cluster discussions around next objectives, other opportunities for collaboration (1 slide per participant/project giving an overview of the presentation)


Part1 and Part2 are parallel cluster breakout sessions 


  • Systems & Networks – Technical Workshop on Models
  • Services and Cloud Technical Workshop on Software Assurance & Trust


Part3 is a joint agenda for both clusters.

Systems & Networks Workshop Project Abstracts (PDF File)

Cloud & Services Workshop Project Abstracts (PDF File)

Effectsplus Clustering Event Amsterdam: Programme Page

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